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Mineral:  Grossular garnet

Color(s): Yellow-green, green, deep forest green

Hardness (Moh's): 7.5

Treatment(s): None


A rare emerald green variant of the garnet family, tsavorites are expensive and popular among gem enthusiasts since they are suitable for any type of jewelry. Gems with deep, emerald-like colors command the highest prices in the market.

These gems receive their vivid green hue from traces of vanadium and chromium. The finest tsavorite specimens can rival emeralds in color, while easily surpassing them in brilliance, hardness and clarity.


Gem-quality tsavorites are sourced from Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Did you know?

- The largest, cleanest tsavorite crystal ever recorded is a 325.14 carat beauty valued at over $2 million.

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