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Birthstone: September

Mineral:  Corundum

Color(s): Royal blue, pink, yellow, violet, white, black, orange, green

Hardness (Moh's): 9

Treatment(s): Usually heat


Second to diamond, sapphire is considered to be the most durable natural gemstone, making them ideal stones for engagement rings. When you think of sapphires, the classic deep blue stone comes to mind. However, sapphires naturally occur in almost every color of the rainbow, from pink, orange, turquoise, violet, and more.

Sapphires get their classic rich blue color from corundum. The gem has been a favorite with royalty for centuries. Royal blue sapphire rings were frequently worn by medieval kings, who believed the stone would protect them from evil.


Sapphire deposits can be found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Pakistan, Nepal, Madagascar, Australia, Thailand. China and Nigeria.

Did you know?

- The blue diamond necklace called “Heart of the Ocean” from James Cameron’s Titanic was actually a blue sapphire! It was given to Titanic survivor Kate Florence Philips by her lover Henry Samuel Morley, who tragically went down with the ship.

- Sapphire rings were famous in the Victorian era. The pieces are now known as Victorian Engagement rings, where blue sapphires are surrounded by small diamonds.

- Sapphire has a number of industrial uses as well! The Apple Watch Series 3 famously uses the crystal in the screen to make it scratch-resistant.

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