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Gemstone Origins

Gemstones are mined all over the world, including the United States. There are certain areas of the world that contain higher deposits of minerals and gemstones than others, just as certain countries have more natural resources than others. Below is a list of countries that we import our gemstones from and the typical gemstones that are common to those countries: 

Brazil: Paraiba Tourmaline, Rubellite, Pink & Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Green Beryl, Yellow Beryl, Emerald, Apatite, Kunzite 

TanzaniaTanzanite, Red Spinel, Tsavorite 

Mozambique: Paraiba Tourmaline, Ruby 

Nigeria: Mandarin Garnet, Tourmaline

Madagascar: Sapphire, Morganite

Namibia: Mandarin Garnet

SriLanka: Sapphire


Thailand: Ruby, Sapphire 


Afghanistan: Tourmaline

Burma: Ruby

Mexico: Fire Opal

Ethiopia: Opal

Austrailia: Opal