Gemstone Authenticity

Our Authenticity Guarantee

We give you a 100% guarantee that this gemstone is exactly what we're advertising it to be.  Our 50 year history and reputation mean everything, and we stand by our products. 

Every gemstone comes with an Identification report from Paraiba International.  Each report includes the following:

  • Gemstone Variety
  • Weight (Carats)
  • Dimensions
  • Clarity
  • Cutting
  • Treatment
  • Origin
  • Hardness

Click Here to see a sample Paraiba International Gemstone Identification Report.

For independent laboratory certificates, we use the following laboratories:

If you'd like a certificate from one of these labs, please note this upon checkout, and we will let you know the price.  Your credit card will be billed as an additional charge once you confirm.  Pricing varies for each lab, and also depending on the type of report.  

Click Here to see sample reports from each of the laboratories.