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Quite often used in place of the Ruby, the Red Spinel is considered to be in a higher class. While Ruby's are often linked to crown jewels and riches, it turns out often times they are indeed Spinels. Found in an array of colors such as orange, pink, purple, and other pastel tones, the most hunted is indeed the Red Spinel.
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) in: Red Spinel
Red Spinel, also called Ruby Spinel, is the most valuable of the Spinel gems. Under ultra violet light, the Ruby Spinals color is immensely intensified, while with Blue Spinel the color weakens and turns to a greenish or red color. Spinel does come in a variety of colors. Although it is not very well known, there have been some good specimens that have reached some high prices. Before today, it was difficult to spot the difference between true Rubies and Red Spinel because they look very similar and are found within the same locations.

The differences are easily spotted now due to the hardness of the gems and through x-ray testing. In the past, many supposed Rubies were actually Ruby Spinel. The most famous Red Spinel belonged to the Black Prince of Great Britain. He had a "Ruby" as his centerpiece of the royal crown, but later it was found out to be Spinel. Also the "Timur Ruby," another gem of the British crown jewels, was indeed Spinel. For this reason alone, Ruby Spinel actually received a lot of undeserved fame. It is rarer than an actual Ruby, but is far less valuable. The two largest Spinels ever discovered equal 520 ct each, and currently are on display in the British Museum of London. In Moscow, the "Diamond Fund" houses a spinel that is 400 ct.

It is unknown where the name was derived from; it's either from the Latin word "thorn" or the Greek word for "spark." Spinel is more desirable in its outstanding shades of blue, orange, pink, and purples. It is a hard gem, 8 on the Mohs scale, and its clarity is unbelievable. The rarest of the Spinels, is the Star Spinel and all Spinels typically come in smaller proportions. This gem is never treated and usually is substituted for sapphires and rubies.

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