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"WOW - is all I can say!!! They are incredible!! I just keep staring at all of them (Tanzanites). I just want to thank you again for helping me pick out the right ones. You outdid yourself with these three!! If any customer has a hesitation about working thru the net like this, tell them to write me. I'll give them a wonderful recommendation. Thank you so very much!! I am just going to wait and watch them go up in value."
--- Dawn <~~~~a very happy customer, Ypsilanti, Michigan

"I received the 2 Paraibas and they are gorgeous! Much better than I ever expected at that price. That baby blue neon glow just blows me away. Just can't stop staring at them. I can see why you guys named your company as you did. Paraibas do something to me that no other stones do, hard to explain but I have a feeling you know what I'm talking about. I took them to my favorite and only jeweler today... he almost fell out of his chair getting over to look at them. All he said was "Wow" and called me to the back of the shop to look at his computer screen. Low and behold, the "Paraiba virus" must have gotten a hold of him! The stones are gorgeous beyond words and they're being set for earrings, each with 3 small 0.05 Ct. diamond accents. Lever back, dangles, so they swing back and forth for that flash effect!"
--- John, Deland, Florida

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I received the tanzanite stone in white gold, and it looks great! Thanks very much for putting it together in such a nice setting and chain - it really looks beautiful. Thanks for your services. I will definitely look into your gems for the future."
--- Tom, Arlington, Massachusetts

"I couldn't be happier with the Paraiba! Was it an error that this 1.98 was not deemed "neon"? It certainly appears that way to me, it could only "glow" more if it were radioactive!!! It would be a lot of fun to see your other Paraibas and see the difference. You have some of the most exquisite colored gemstones on the net, I love spending time on your site. Thank you once again!"
--- Karen, Houston, TX

"Oh My Goodness!!! My ring just came via Fed Ex about 10 minutes ago. It took my breath away!! Even my husband was excited. We took it outside in the natural sunlight for the first peek. It's so perfect that it doesn't seem possible that the stone is real!! And what a heavyweight. I can certainly feel it on my finger. It's more gorgeous than I could have hoped for. It is STUNNING. You're definitely right... there's no ring in our little city that could come close. A HEARTFELT THANKYOU!!."
--- Colette, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

"My beautiful chrome tourmaline has just arrived in Darwin. I am thrilled.. it was indeed worth it! Thank you for your excellent service, quality of gem and your prompt communications. I will certainly shop with your company again."
--- Cheers, Diane NT Australia

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