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As a whole, Tourmaline is an all around fascinating gem. While it can be found in an array of colors, it will always have two or more colors within the same piece of the stone. This is where Watermelon Tourmaline comes into play, as it is Tourmaline in its rarest form. Hence the name, the colors include pink and green, that of a watermelon.
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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) in: Watermelon Tourmaline
The word Tourmaline is derived from the words "tura mali," which is Singhalese for "stone with mixed colors." Well suited for Tourmaline, this gem comes in a variety of seven different colors. It is an Egyptian legend that through its journey to Earth's surface, it passed through a rainbow. These colors include pink, red (rubellite) green, blue (indicolite), black (schorl), watermelon and tourmalated quartz. Like its name, Watermelon Tourmaline encompasses three different colors being, white, pink and green. This occurs naturally and is very rare.

This particular crystal is said to be able to attract, balance male and female energies within you, and remove guilt. The balancing comes from its positive charge on one end and negative on the other. This does not happen in all gemstones, therefore making this one unique. The green portion of the tourmaline supposedly feeds directly into your life force and the pink is responsible for soothing and harmonizing. Crystal healers purchase many different types of tourmalines for their calming and natural healing abilities.

Most tourmalines have two or more colors to them, and there are no two alike anywhere. Colors will also vary from the change of natural sunlight to artificial lighting. Watermelon Tourmaline can be found in South Africa, Mozambique, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Tourmalines have been found in the United States, mostly in Maine and California. There are many large deposits worldwide that contain tourmaline, but the quality varies greatly.

Tourmalines are a sturdy crystal showing about 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Tourmaline is considered to be the birthstone for the month of October, which is linked to the star sign of Leo. Tourmaline is one of the more popular gemstones available on the market and range in price as well as color, shape, and size. Although they are readily available, each one is unique in all of its physical features that occur naturally.

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