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Found often in jewelry, the Amethyst, which is the color purple, gives off primary hues of light pink and sometimes, secondary hues of either red or blue. Its seductive coloring and extravagance can be seen used in various cultures and can currently be found in the southern parts of Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, and more.
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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) in: Amethyst
Worn by medieval European Soldiers while in battle, Amethysts were believed to keep people 'cool headed' as well as to heal them. Ancient Egyptians used amethyst in order to guard against feelings of guilt and fear. Greeks believed it was able to prevent intoxication and gave meaning to the word, "without drunkenness." Amethysts are also believed to protect a person from poison. The Amethyst is often used to help insomnia and to bring about good dreams when it is put under your pillow. It is also said to assist in the curing of headaches by rubbing it across your forehead. When seen being worn around the neck as a necklace, for some, it is being used as a meditation aid.

A variety of quartz, amethyst gets its violet color from an iron impurity. Since the hardness is the same as quartz, amethyst is used for jewelry.

Amethyst can be found in different parts of the word. It is found in abundance within volcanic rock in Brazil and neighboring Uruguay. Zambia, Africa is home to one of the largest global amethyst producers and has an annual production of approximately 1,000 tons. It can also be found in South Korea and Austria. Thunder Bay, Ontario is home to the largest amethyst mine in North America. Within the United States, amethyst can be found at Yellow Stone National Park and Amethyst Mountain, Texas.

Amethyst, until the 18th century, was considered a valuable gemstone, like sapphires and diamonds. Since then, such large deposits have been found in places like Brazil and Uruguay, causing the value to go down dramatically. While the value may have decreased, there is an amethyst called Deep Russian which is considered to be very rare. When this rare amethyst is found, the value will depend on the demands of collectors at that given time.

The birthstone of February, amethyst has a hardness of 7 and comes in many different varieties and shades of purple.

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