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Measuring a 9 on the Mohs level of hardness, the Sapphire is found almost alongside the diamond, being just a step below. Being the Blue sister of the Ruby, this gems most infamous color is blue. Although a Blue Sapphire is not commonly seen on today's market, other colors of this gem include yellow, pink, orange, green, and even white.
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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) in: Sapphire
The word sapphire derives from the Greek word meaning "blue stone." They are found in rock formations and in certain sediments. Due to their hardness, they are resistant to eroding and they are often found in infrared optical components, like wristwatch crystals, movement bearings, scientific instruments and high durability windows.

Sapphires are found in other colors like yellow, purple, pink, or green and can be colorless. Sapphires are also found in red, however they are considered ruby's in this instance. Besides for blue, the most common sapphires are purple, violet and green. The hue or color of the sapphire is what they are evaluated by. Blue sapphires that have any amount of green are considered lower quality, while blue sapphires with purple or violet are considered high quality. At the National Museum of Natural History a 423-carat Logan sapphire can be seen. It is not only one of the largest sapphires in existence, but of a very high quality.

There is also a rare variety of sapphire called the Color Change Sapphire. In different light it exhibits different colors. They may be pink in daylight or blue in outdoor light. Tanzania is the main source for this type of sapphire. Known today as Sri Lanka, the oldest sapphires in the world were original found there as ancient people were digging for this "blue stone." Currently, most blue sapphires are found in Thailand and Australia.

The birthstone of September, sapphires were worn by royalty throughout time. They symbolize wisdom, holiness, good fortune and virtue. Traditionally they have also been used for 5th and 45th year anniversaries. Many cultures believe sapphires have both calming and healing properties. It is also said that the tablets that contain the Ten Commandments were made of sapphire. Ancients Persians believed the earth was resting on a large sapphire and that its reflection colored the sky blue.

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