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The Tanzanite Foundation is a non-profit collective dedicated to promoting and protecting the rare gemstone called tanzanite. The gem tanzanite was


Zoisite-71124 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

discovered in the African nation of Tanzania in 1967, and it was not named “Tanzanite” until a year later, when Tiffany & Co. had exclusive rights to sell it. Today, the gem has become a popular item for both its uniqueness and color; the main hues for tanzanite are blue-violet or violet-blue. It was originally called “blue zoisite” because it is a member of the zoisite family, and it naturally comes in a brown or khaki color but goes through heat treatment to bring out the blue/violet color everybody loves. The Tanzanite Foundation is dedicated to promoting and protecting the gemstone tanzanite ethically, and they have local support set up that works to make a difference in the communities within the nation of Tanzania. Another thing that the Tanzanite Foundation does is help businesses start up their own tanzanite industry, so that more companies will sell the gemstone and promote it to the public.

The Tanzanite Foundation’s community support tries to make living better for those in Tanzania communities by motivating and promoting the demand for tanzanite. The projects that the Foundation has in the nation of Tanzania include schools, health and community centers, environmental rehabilitation, and mine site water supply. The Tanzanite Foundation supports 420 children by providing education for them in the Nasinyai Primary School system, and they also provide support for a medical clinic, a secondary school for children who are close to graduation, and a community center. The Foundation’s environmental rehabilitation program is the key priority for the Foundation because they fund projects that will regenerate the mining zones, and they help wildlife species return to their natural habitats. The Mine Site Water Supply Project is there to help bring fresh water to the communities that can be pumped daily, and 2,000 villagers and 5,000 heads of cattle have been provided with fresh water every day.

The Tanzanite Foundation Industry & Trade Support will help people grow their own tanzanite business, so that the gem will become popular and be promoted around the world. The Foundation will help new businesses customize their brochures with logos and store details, so that the information provided will help draw people to the tanzanite mining industry, with positive ramifications for the economy for Tanzania. As a result, those in Tanzania receive more income and have greater interest in their communities due to the Foundation’s support. The Tanzanite Foundation Industry & Trade Support works to help people start up their own gemstone businesses. First, the Foundation will help customize information about this precious gemstone in brochures for the new businesses, and these brochures will have logos and store details on them. Next, they provide tags that say, “Mark of Rarity” for every Tanzanite Foundation Authenticated Jewellery purchase made, so that the consumer knows that the tanzanite is authentic. Lastly, the Foundation provides training for employees on how to sell tanzanite products and what features and benefits result from buying tanzanite gems.

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