Paraiba Tourmaline: Brazillian vs. African

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As we discussed in a previous post, The Paraiba label has transcended reference to region of origin for certain Tourmaline stones. Paraiba Tourmaline generally displays a number of defining attributes, but is mostly characterized by its unique blue and green coloring. The copper in the region has been found to be the catalyst to this special colorization through comparing Tourmaline samples from neighboring regions with significantly less copper within their source mine. More recently, with the interest in semi precious gem stones exponentially increasing around the world, prospectors have continued to find new examples of copper infused Tourmaline.

Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline

Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline

About a decade later, another large discovery of Tourmaline stones was found in a popular copper mining region of Nigeria. The African strain of Paraiba Tourmaline is usually less saturated and paler in nature than its Brazilian counterparts. Another discovery of copper infused Tourmaline stones located in Mozambique more closely resembles the color scheme and brightness found in the Brazilian stones, however, to this date, Paraiba Tourmaline (that actually originated in that region) is found to be the most uniform in brightness and color. So, the question remains, what is a better investment as a gemstone. Taking a look at color uniformity and average market prices, Brazilian Paraiba seems to hold value most effectively compared to African Paraiba.


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