Yellow Beryl

The gem family is a huge one with a wide range of popular gems worth mentioning. One of the most popular families of gems is the beryl family, which are famous not only for their magnificent colors, but also for their high brilliance and other qualities like their 7.5 – 8 hardness. This is what makes beryl gemstones a popular choice for use in gemstone jewelry.

Of the many varieties of beryl gemstones available are the yellow beryl variety The yellow beryl is basically a gem with hexagonal crystals with vertically striated surfaces. These gemstones are found in abundance in the gemstone deposits of South America and Central and West Africa. They are also found in abundance in Madagascar, Russia, Ukraine and USA.

Some qualities of yellow beryl

Yellow beryl has nearly all the good qualities as its light blue cousin, the aquamarine, and basically, it is found in this same kind of deposit. The reason the golden or yellow beryl has holds fascination to the human eye is its fine spectrum of yellow hues that range from a weak lemon yellow to a warm and golden color. However yellow beryl seldom has any inclusions as the emerald has.

Yellow beryl is also known by its trade name, Heliodor. Heliodor is found mostly in granite pegmatities and sometimes in miarolitic cavities found in granites and greisens. The name Heliodor is basically derived from a Greek word that means sun and gift, because of its color. It is the high hardness and specific gravity of yellow beryl that leads to it being spotted in eluvial and alluvial deposits at times.

Cuts and Clarity

Yellow beryl has small traces of iron. It is the natural aura that emanates from minerals with uranium that gives a colorless beryl a somewhat intense yellow tone. This is the typical color of the golden or yellow beryl.

Gemstone cutters can create master pieces from yellow beryl. They can create various many-faceted shapes, while rectangular and square step cuts are the most famous shapes. This is because these shapes bring out the transparent beauty of this colorful gemstone to the hilt.

Health benefits of yellow beryl

The reason people wear yellow beryl jewelry and yellow beryl rings, besides their stunning beauty and social meaning, is because yellow beryl is said to improve one’s communicative abilities and in the process, make a person more compassion and sympathetic towards each other.

Yellow beryl is also known to help in stabilizing the heart beat and in the treatment of any disorders of the stomach, small intestines, pancreas, liver and spleen. It is mainly because yellow beryl is not made yet famous that it is much more affordable than its counterpart, aquamarine.

It is the complimentary match between iron and beryl that has led to yellow beryl crystals growing quite large. And it is because of this that it is possible to cut stones of various sizes. To date, the largest faceted yellow beryl stone weighs 2.054 carats and can be seen in the Smithsonian Institution of Washington D.C.

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