Pink Tourmaline

It was in the late 1600s and early 1700s that the tourmaline was first discovered by Dutch traders off the West Coast of Italy. However though discovered off the West Coast, its name originates from the Sinhalese word ‘turmali’.

Tis word was then used to name all the colored crystals found on Sri Lanka at that time. However this proved to be rather disadvantageous for gem dealers as they found that with this common name for colored crystals, it was difficult for them to differentiate tourmaline from other stones.

Pink tourmaline is also called rubellite

It was mainly for this reason that at one point in history, both red and pink tourmaline were considered rubies. However in reality, pink tourmaline is more pink in color than ruby. Today, all tourmalines are referred to as tourmaline, with the color of the gem added as a prefix.

Pink tourmaline is also known as ‘rubellite’, the Latin name for red, and is considered to be the rarest member of the tourmaline family. However pink tourmaline gemstones are called rubellite only if the same fine ruby red color is displayed in both artificial and natural light. It is only if the color keeps changing with the light source that the gemstone is called pink or shocking pink tourmaline. This type of tourmaline is very different in color from the popular Paraiba tourmaline.

Why people wear pink tourmaline

In terms of healing, Pink tourmaline jewelry is worn by people who find it difficult to deal with fear, who have panic attacks and for help in healing inner chaos. This is because the pink tourmaline a stone that is not only a heart protector but also an aphrodisiac as it instills confidence in you by teaching you it is safe to love.

Pink tourmaline rings are also popular as they promote flexibility of thought and to promote sympathy towards others. It is also meant for people who have undergone injury in their heart as it encourages love while dispersing emotional pain. Pink tourmaline jewelry is also effective in calming negative emotions that lead to broken relationships.

Use of pink tourmaline by medicine men

Loose pink tourmalines is also considered to provide healing powers and are used greatly by medicine men as it is considered to be a ‘receptive stone’. This is a stone that promotes meditation, mysticism, wisdom and spirituality while promoting communication between the unconscious and conscious minds.

Besides all these qualities, pink tourmaline is a very durable stone. This is proven through the engraved and carved figures of the Chinese that were carved many centuries ago, which still look as interesting and intriguing as they did centuries ago.

Pink tourmaline jewelry, the perfect birthday gift

Pink tourmaline and opal are the birthstones of October. So why not consider getting some pink tourmaline jewelry as a birthday gift. A pink tourmaline bracelet is a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry with a row of pink tourmaline set in yellow or white gold. With a pink tourmaline pendant, you tend to look more confident, and are considered to be a more impressive person.

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