Those born in the month of August often wear peridot jewelry as peridot is considered to be the gemstone for the month of August. This is a very old gemstone that has once again risen in popularity today.

Peridot gems are so old that they can be seen in 2nd millennium BC Egyptian jewelry. Peridot of that time was mined from a deposit found in a small volcanic island found in the Red Sea. This island was not rediscovered till 1900 which since then has been exhausted for some time.

Timeless Peridot

Though peridot has been around for a long time, it is also a modern fine gemstone with its latest deposits found in the Kashmir region. Stones from this deposit have beautiful color and transparency, thus providing a great polish to the image of peridot. Besides the Egyptians, the ancient Romans were, too very fond of peridots.

It is the radiant green shine of peridot that the ancient Romans have held in high esteem. This is a stone that does not change in artificial light. And it is for this reason that the peridot is referred to as the ‘emerald of the evening’ – very often used as an emerald substitute.

You can also find peridot adorning many treasures in medieval churches of Europe like the shrines of Cologne Cathedral. It was during the Baroque period that this rich green gemstone, the peridot, once again grew in popularity, only to once again, finally fade away into obscurity.

Different names

The gemstone peridot is also referred to by two other names; the first is ‘chrysolite’ which is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘gold stone’. The second name is ‘olivine’ which has been chosen as peridot is the gemstone form of the olivine mineral. The name peridot itself is derived from the Greek word ‘peridona’ which means ‘to give richness’.

Chemical characteristics of peridot

Unlike most other gemstones, the peridot is one of the few gemstones that comes n a single color only. It is because of the very fine traces of iron in peridot that you get its rich and green color. So the intensity of the color of the stone depends on the amount of iron present in the stone.

Chemically, peridot is called iron magnesium silicate. This is not a very hard stone; it reaches 6.5 to 7 in the Mohs scale. Star peridots and cat’s eye peridots are gemstones that are very rare and precious.

Sources of peridot

You can find the most beautiful peridot stones in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Myanmar, the USA, Africa, China and Australia. Peridots are toady not only used in one-offs, but also in series peridot jewelry like gemstone pendants and gemstone rings.

And with the world of fashion just picking up on the popularity of this stone, the peridot is now very much on the up. And with the rich finds of peridot in Pakistan and Afghanistan, there is sufficient raw market available in the market for you to choose the right stone for your individual taste and budget.

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