Mozambique Tourmaline

Besides Mozambique, Mozambique tourmaline is a gemstone that is also found in copper rich areas like Brazil and Nigeria. The history of Mozambique tourmaline is an interesting one, which is mainly related to the fortunes of a man named, Moussa Konate.

Tourmaline was originally an alluvial deposit in the Shalawa area of Nampula province, Africa. This was where tourmaline was first discovered in 2001 by local farmers. It was in 2003 that Moussa had taken seven kilos of Mozambique tourmaline to the US where he had managed to sell the lot quickly. And with this, he continued with his quest to find out more about the nature of the tourmaline of the region.

The start and inception of Mozambique tourmaline

Moussa Konatae was basically an ill-fated gemstone trader who worked in Guinea, Northwest Africa. However it was in 1987 that his luck had changed, because this was when he had started buying rough stones of the Mozambique Channel instead of buying the usual rough stones from Madagascar.

The growth of Mozambique tourmaline

Then mining operations for Mozambique tourmaline was restricted to 300 local people digging the stones from 2 meter deep pits, on a one acre parcel of land. This is when Moussa made his own claim in an adjacent plot of 300 hectares, and applied to get the first mining and exploration license of the area. And with this, Mousa created Mozambique gems in 2004 and 2005, with the help of some others.

Moussa’s tourmaline soon created a boom town where the number of miners in the town increased from a few hundred to over 3,000. This popularity of the gemstone led to a large influx of laborers, with which came disease, which was rampant in the mining camps in 2006. This forced Moussa and his team to suspend operations on Mozambique tourmaline, so that they could prevent future epidemics.

About Mozambique tourmaline

Mozambique tourmaline is basically a very pretty gemstone in terms of color and quality. Unlike green tourmaline, this gemstone is an unusual color of pure blue that is difficult to find in any other gem in any part of the world. Unlike the pale blue color of Paraiba tourmaline, this gemstone color is so electric in its deep blue color that it is often compared to Brazilian tourmaline.

Mozambique tourmaline is widely used in Mozambique tourmaline jewelry since it has a ‘neon’ and ‘electric’ glow. It is the small amounts of copper found in each gemstone’s chemical composition that had contributed to the glow. Mozambique tourmaline is also referred to as Cupiran tourmaline.

Rates to expect for Mozambique tourmalines

Mozambique tourmalines have a gold content that is higher in proportion than other part of the earth’s surface. Of course, these gemstones are very expensive, and are rarer than diamonds.

There are some stones that are sold for $5,000 per carat while there are some expensive stones which cost as high as $60,000 per carat. Stones that are larger than three carats are sold at $10,000 per carat. You have to choose the right Mozambique tourmaline to use in your Mozambique tourmaline ring or Mozambique tourmaline jewelry.



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