Mandarin Garnet

Mandarin Garnet is also known as orange spessartite garnet. These stones are naturally occurring gemstones that are most commonly found in Africa, and are famous for their orange color. They are one of the latest additions to the gem family, having appeared in the gem trade only about ten years ago.

The Mandarin Garnet is a member of the spessartite family of garnets and has a chemical composition of silicate of magnesium and aluminum. Its refractive index lies between 1.78 to 1.81 while its factor on the Mohrs hardness scale is 6.5-7.0. This is why the Mandarin Garnet is called a quartz crystal.

Large Mandarin Garnet stones are rather rare

The important deposits of Mandarin Garnet are found in Nigeria, Namibia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, South Africa and some places of California. Small stones of Mandarin Garnet are easily available, and are usually of good quality.

However there are also gemstones between 1-2 carats in size, and anything that is gem quality and that size is more rare. Stones above 5 carats in size are even more rare while the largest stones of 11 carats in size have been found in Africa.

The specialty of Mandarin Garnet is its unique orange color that is more intense than the color of an orange sapphire. However it is not as red as almandine or Mozambique garnet, while anything with brown overtones is generally less desirable.

Wearing Mandarin Garnet jewelry

In fact, the Mandarin Garnet can be compared to the fiery comets that you find in the evening sky. This is because the stone has magnificent colors where its high brilliance is really something unique. It has a whole range of hues ranging from ripe peach to deep reddish orange, all the colors that speak of energy, individuality and a willingness to take risks.

Generally, a person displaying orange is not afraid of being noticed, and is a person with confidence. It is a color meant for extroverts and has a very important part in Asian art and in Asia; Gods are usually in orange robes. In Asia, the colors that make orange, which are red and yellow are not opposite but related.

Orange is a color that indicates the process of life. And as life means change, orange is the color that has constant changes. Besides its color, the Mandarin Garnet has other good qualities that make it suitable for use in Mandarin Garnet jewelry like Mandarin Garnet rings.

Other Qualities of Mandarin Garnet

This is a stone that has good hardness. It is uncomplicated, making it the ideal chaperone to be worn for all occasions. Its very high refractive index gives the Mandarin Garnet a very strong brilliance. This is why even in unfavorable light conditions, these small, inclusion free and brilliantly cut Mandarin Garnets all sparkle with great vivacity.

Mandarin Garnet is also a rare stone, as it is not known for how long there will be a reliable supply of this stone in the gemstone market. The only thing that is known is that people with style are those who will definitely want some form of Mandarin Garnet jewelry.

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