Gemstones are found in abundance in the bowels of the earth, in numerous variations. The most common types of gemstones are known to practically everyone; however every now and then a new addition is made to the family of gemstones. And one such gemstone is kunzite.

Kunzite is a young gemstone, and is found in delicate pink hues, similar to pink tourmaline in color. As it is found more and more often nowadays, it is an attractive gemstone to use in jewelry. And this is why although the stone has been known for only a hundred years, it is today going through a second renaissance.

Discovery of the gemstone

It was the New York jeweler and gemstone specialist, George Frederick Kunz who was the first person who had given a comprehensive description of this gemstone. Kunzite was first discovered in California, and as the newly discovered gemstones were named after their discoverers or patrons, this new pale pink gemstone was called ‘kunzite’.

Kunzite is found in many beautiful cuts, and is the youngest member of the spodumen family. Kunzites are found in large sizes, and at affordable prices. The strong point of kunzite lies in its clarity, and its delicate and fine pink nuances that display a hint of violet. Its hues are delicate, seductive, tender and feminine.

The multi colored feature of the stone

And to ensure that the fine color is shown to its maximum, it is important for the cutter to align the raw crystal precisely when working. This is because the color of the kunzite looks different from different angles.

So depending on the angle you look at it, kunzite may look violet, pink and even colorless. There are also some varieties of kunzite available in Afghanistan that displays a rich and strong violet, a light violet and also a light green, depending on your angle of observation.

This quality of kunzite where the gemstone exhibits different colors from different angles is called pleochroism, which also means ‘multi coloredness’. This is one of the strong properties of kunzite.

Wear kunzite jewelry to get rid of exam nerves

If possible, take a close up look at a kunzite, as a well cut stone produces the most colorful nuance visible from above. It is the experienced cutters who can cut the stone to highlight its material properties. Fairly light colored kunzites are found aplenty; it is the strongly colored ones which are rare and expensive.

However when you buy kunzite for making kunzite jewelry or kunzite rings, you have to remember that it is color and then its clarity that determines its value. This means that the more intense is the color, the greater its value.

Today, kunzite is not only preferred by lovers, it is also a great healing stone. This is because it is a stone that enhances your capacity for devotion and understanding and also brings you inner peace. It is also helpful in activating the mind, while liberating you from worry and anxiety. This makes kunzite jewelry great for those suffering from strain and exam nerves.

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