Aquamarine is a gemstone that has a very long history, it is said that it was first found in the treasure chests of mermaids. And it is following this legend that it is considered that Aquamarines are lucky for sailors at sea as it protects them from hazards of the ocean and unseen forces like evil eye, malevolent spirits and gossip in your absence.

Aquamarines are found in various places of the world such as Colorado in the United States, Brazil and other African countries. To date, the largest Aquamarine mined was in Brazil, where it weighed over 110 kg.

Features of Aquamarine Gemstones

Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin term, “aqua marine” which means ‘water of the sea’. These gemstones are transparent light blue or blue green, and belong to the beryl family. Aquamarine ranges in color from a bare tint of color to a brighter and bluer green color.

Aquamarine is a semiprecious gemstone and is thus easier to find. However it is very hardy and fit for use as Aquamarine jewelry and Aquamarine rings. It is possible to find this gemstone in large carat weights as it can be kept in large pieces during its mining.

When compared to other gemstones, Aquamarines are considered to be the best quality available. They are clear and transparent gems where some gems have inclusions of long and hollow rods. The presence of these rods is a trademark quality of the beryl family.

Occasionally, you may find aligned traces of foreign minerals, and this is a rare feature of the beryl family. It is this feature that causes a cat’s eye effect or a star effect in the Aquamarine where you find six rays in a vivid sheen.

Healing Effects of Aquamarine

The Aquamarine is the gemstone allotted for people born in the month of March, while the gemstone is assigned to planet Neptune. However the healing powers of Aquamarine, like other gems, is a controversial matter. This is a topic that has been cited for centuries by shamans, healers and medicine men, but is not yet scientifically proven whether healing is a factual or a placebo effect of this gemstone

Jewelers and Aquamarines

Today, Aquamarine is one of the favorite stones amongst jewelers because whether it is clear or transparent, or with a classical step cut or creative cut, it is just beautiful. Even in the uncut version, the gemstone is brought into play by the designer in the required design.

In fact, jewelers continue to create new and modern artistic cuts to entice the world in the form of raw Aquamarine jewelry and various combinations of gemstone rings. And the light color of the Aquamarine lets the designer bring out the brilliance of the gem with fine grooves, curves, notches and edges to create an attraction no woman can resist.

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