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Paraiba International, Ltd. is an importer of fine quality colored gemstones and semi-precious gemstones including loose Tanzanite gemstones, Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones, Mandarin Garnet gemstones, and Aquamarine Gemstones to name a few. We also are known for having rare and unusual colored gemstones. Our semi-precious gemstone supply is constant as we are always "on the go" when it comes to acquiring new colored gemstones. Most of our stones are mined and cut overseas. More often than not, we repolish and even recut our colored gemstones in the U.S. to give them that extra sparkle. Going that extra mile can make the difference between having a dull gemstone versus a "wow" gemstone, like our Paraiba Tourmaline colored gemstone collection for example.

Paraiba International's History
Paraiba International started as an eBay company. We brought 30 years of wholesale experience to the public. At first, people were a little hesitant to purchase colored gemstones with high values from a new seller. They soon realized that the quality was unmatched anywhere else on eBay and the rest of the internet. All of a sudden, consumers began purchasing colored gemstones and couldn't believe their eyes. We were getting rave reviews and decided to open our business to the entire internet community. Aside from our wonderful semi-precious gemstones, our customers are very impressed by our superior customer service. We answer e-mails right away, and usually ship within 1 business day.

Paraiba International's Competitive Pricing
At Paraiba International, we recognize that most people want top quality colored gemstones without paying a top price. We are offering our customers a wholesale price. We don't have a store and are able to keep our costs down. Therefore, we don't need to make a fortune on every sale. Colored Gemstones is a market that is subject to fluctuation. Within any short period of time, prices may vary by as much as 20%. Located in Manhattan's famous diamond district, we are constantly acquiring information on changing market conditions. To put it simply, you will not find a better price for the quality that you are getting at Paraiba International. We are "in the know" at all times. We are extremely competitive as we are eager to please.

Internet Purchasing
Buying colored gemstones over the internet has changed since its inception. In the beginning, many consumers had nightmare stories of how they paid for merchandise and the vendor magically disappeared. Although incidents like this still occur, they are far and few between. Trust is one of the most important factors in deciding which vendors to purchase from. We are hoping that we have provided you with as much information as you need to feel comfortable buying from us. You can read what people have said about us in our eBay feedback profile. You can also contact us directly by email or phone (877.888.1080). We would like to know more about you as well.

Buying Loose Gemstones from Paraiba International
Why buy a loose tanzanite gemstone? Simple. You get to decide what you would like in your jewelry. The beauty of Paraiba International is that you can purchase a "wow" colored gemstone and then design a piece of jewelry around it. We find that many consumers like to be involved in the whole process of selecting a stone, designing a piece and then wearing the finished jewelry. Buying loose tanzanite gemstones and diamonds is now a real trend among consumers. We can also give suggestions as to what type of jewelry would complement your gemstone and even design a mounting just for you. Just let us know and we'll give you a quote. We also appeal to many gemstone collectors who just love owning beautiful gemstones.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your shopping!

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