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With its unique radiance in color, Blue Topaz resembles the birth of those in November, and is one of the most popular, as well as widely used within the gemstone world. While Topaz comes in various colors such as orange, pink, brown, red, beige, and more, Blue Topaz can range from a naturally pale color of blue, to sky blue, and even vibrant blue.
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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) in: Blue Topaz
Pure topaz is actually transparent and colorless. Due to impurities and minor changes to the element, topaz then becomes tinted in different colors. Topaz is typically yellow, orange-reddish, pale gray or a blue-brown color and can also be blue, pink, white blue or pale green. The blue color can be man-made or found in nature, though very rare, and is accomplished when topaz is heated.

Commonly associated with igneous silicic rocks of rhyolite and granite types, blue topaz typically will crystallize in vapor cavities of lava flows and granitic pegmatites. In western Utah, Topaz Mountain, hence the name is a source of topaz. It can also be found around the world in places such as Germany, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Afghanistan and Australia, among others. In Mason County, Texas, light-blue topaz and colorless varieties can be found.

In Brazil, boulder size clear topaz crystals are commonly found, weighing hundreds of pounds. A recent gem found, called The American Golden Topaz, weighed an incredible 22,892.5 carats. Most often, these large boulders of topaz can be found in museums.

The name topaz is said to be derived from a legendary island of the Red Sea called Topazos where topaz had first been mined. The original word topaz, meaning heat or fire, is originally from the Sanskrit word "tapas."

December's birthstone and used as the Texas state stone, blue topaz is said to have a cooling effect. It is believed to calm tempers and to cool boiling water when thrown into it. This gemstone has also been said to have healing powers and an ability to cure asthma, insomnia, week vision and even insanity. It was also thought to have an ability to make the wearer of it invisible when in threatening situations according to legendary myths. When giving blue topaz as a gift is said to be symbolic of fidelity and love.

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