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A bracelet is a type of jewelry which is meant to be worn on one's arm or wrist. A bracelet can be created using a number of different materials including plastic, cloth, leather or any types of metals. Many types of bracelets are also decorated with types of beads, wood, jewels, shells or other types of gemstones and crystals. Bracelets have traditionally been used for decorative purposes and for the enjoyment of the wearer. More recently, gemstone bracelets have been used as a way to identify a person's allergies or other prevalent medical information.
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Pink Sapphire & Diamond Bangle

Product ID: 1380
Carat Weight: 2.34

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Sapphire & Aquamarine Bracelet

Product ID: 1570
Carat Weight: 12.94

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Tanzanite Bracelet

Product ID: 3302
Carat Weight: 12.80

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Tanzanite Bracelet

Product ID: 3454
Carat Weight: 23.00

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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) in: Bracelets
Gemstone bracelets have been a part of history dating all the way back to as early as 5000 BC within Egyptian cultures. These bracelets were typically created from wood, stone or even certain types of bones, and were historically used to represent spiritual interests as well as hold other religious meaning. Bracelets were used also historically used in Africa to display one's tribe association, as well as standing within the tribe. These bracelets were made from handcrafted beads created from stones and other local minerals and rocks. Historically, bracelets have been known to represent social status as well as a way to demonstrate ones marital status in certain parts of Europe.

Modern bracelets come in a number of different varieties and types. Some are used for more formal settings, while other bracelets are created for informal, every day use. Charm bracelets are a common type of bracelet worn by women that represent personal tastes. Other common types of bracelets that are worn include beaded bracelets, bangles, link bracelets, karma bracelets and even medical tag bracelets. Recently, there has been a surge of rubber bracelets being created to represent a slew of causes including the popular "livestrong" bracelets which are sold to support cancer research. Bracelets are used to represent an individual's style as well as a way to adorn one's body.

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