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Jewelry has long held a high position within the world's history and in many different global cultures. In most cases, the purpose of a piece of jewelry is mainly for the personal enjoyment of the one who is wearing it, as well as to help the wearer to create and appealing look with final touches. Jewelry holds a lot of history and cultural significance to a number of societies all over the globe, from China to Africa. There has even been beaded jewelry found dating back 75,000 years ago to tribes in parts of Africa including Kenya.
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Kunzite Ring

Product ID: 4864
Carat Weight: 18.39

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Mint Green Tourmaline Ring

Product ID: 4866
Carat Weight: 2.96

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Multicolor Bracelet

Product ID: 2122
Carat Weight: 16.51

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Multicolor Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet

Product ID: 1306
Carat Weight: 5.70

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Red Spinel Ring

Product ID: 4867
Carat Weight: 2.08

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Rubellite Ring

Product ID: 3268
Carat Weight: 19.06

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Tanzanite Pendant

Product ID: 3026
Carat Weight: 1.74

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Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant

Product ID: 3021
Carat Weight: 0.79

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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 33 products) in: Jewelry
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Jewelry can come in a number of different forms with the most popular being necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Over the past 100,000 years, jewelry has been made to decorate almost every part of the body from broaches, hairpins, pendants to toe rings. Jewelry can be created by using any number of different combinations of metals, precious metals, beads and many other materials. It has always been popular to adorn jewelry settings with precious gemstones, shells, beads or other types of materials. One of the most common types of gemstones used in high end jewelry is diamonds in a number of different varieties.

It has historically been used to represent special or significant unions such as marriages, as well as distinguish the wealth and class of someone. In some cultures, jewelry has been historically used to represent local currency, or as a symbol that represents a membership to a group or tribe, or a certain part of society. Other cultures believe that certain pieces of jewelry hold mythical powers to ward off spirits or enhance protection. In more recent years, jewelry has been used for supplying personal medical information or military station in the form of medical bracelets or dog tags in the case of emergencies.

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