Tanzanite Care and Storage

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When it comes to the care and storage of Tanzanite, consider that in comparison to diamonds or sapphires, they are extremely brittle and soft, allowing them

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to crack rather easily. Whether your Tanzanite is within an earring setting, a ring, or necklace, you are going to want to treat it very carefully.

You can start by being aware of how and where you store your Tanzanite. When storing this gemstone be sure to avoid sudden changes in temperature, as well as heat. Store it in a separate box in-between two layers of cotton to prevent potential scratches from other pieces of jewelry. When not using it, you can also place it in a velvet bag which will prevent unnecessary moisture from causing damage. Since this gemstone is not worn as often, storing becomes a big part of care.

Tanzanite gemstones are also very sensitive to ultrasound, so using an ultrasonic cleaning method will cause damage. The jeweler in which cleans your piece of Tanzanite for you should know this, but always be sure to ask what type of cleaning method they use and be sure it doesn’t involve any ultrasound methods.

Since this gemstone is more for those special occasions, so be sure not to complete housework while wearing it. Things like cleaning the dishes and scrubbing the floors will cause irreversible damage to your Tanzanite. In addition, when swimming be sure not to wear it, as well as during a beach outing or while working out. This will make it lose its shine and in addition, you certainly do not want to lose your jewelry.

Every six months to a year, be sure to have a professional jeweler check the setting so that it remains intact. In addition, you can clean your Tanzanite piece yourself, so long as you do it properly. A jewels cleaning cloth should first be used to remove any fingerprints or residue. A separate cloth should then be moistened with bottled water that is room temperature. This will then be used to remove dirt. This may be just enough to clean your Tanzanite to your liking, but if not, you can use a mild detergent, along with the room temperature bottled water and cloth to get rid of any oils that may be on the stones surface.

While there are other ways to clean your Tanzanite, be careful not to use cleaners that can cause potential damage. The Tanzanite stone is both fragile and rare, so you will want to try your best to keep it in the best shape possible.

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